Saturday, December 23, 2017

A blessed day, Saturday

We had my Husband's cousin over for lunch!
We love it when family travels and is nearby!
We enjoyed the Fia Sauce, a salad, baked mushrooms and onions with garlic,
with rice noodles, shrimp and fish tacos!
A combination of food I had made + take out.
It worked well and we had such a lovely time talking about
things that really matter.
As usaul, you can see Cleo Cat peeking from on top my chair.
It is almost December Christmas! 
I hope each of you stays safe and is blessed this Christmas time!


Lisa Richards said...

The meal looks yummy! Merry Christmas! :)

Mat Anna said...

Sneaky Cleo. 😉

So wonderful to be able to visit with family.