Wednesday, December 06, 2017

St Nicholas Day ~ busy from morning till night....

Thankful list for today!

 1. St Nicholas day (part 1!)... 

2. Went to liturgy this AM, out to brunch; home to errands, laundry, dishes, cooking, Christmas letter envelope stuffing; dinner and outing, back again, dishes washed, dishwasher going, drying going, laundry rack in use.  Isn't it wonderful that I can do all these things again?!! 

3. While my house will get a deeper cleaning done tomorrow, I am so relieved to have the dishes and laundry done today.  

4. That I have a full pantry and can cook many things and bake things easily.  That said, I need to remember that I am almost out of cumin again! 

5. Vegan soft tacos: easy to make - saute one red onion and 2 cloves of garlic... once the onion is 'wilted but not brown' in the caramelization process, add pre-rinsed can of pinto beans, add ground cumin, dried cilantro and taco seasoning to taste (salt and pepper too!)... fry them up until the beans are melding.  Eat with whatever you like (avocado, tomato, vegan cheese, sriracha sauce, lettuce etc) with a soft taco or pita bread ... or corn chips/tortilla chips for GF options :) 

6. I had dinner ready when my Husband came home - this always seems like an accomplishment (to have it timed right etc).  I also had a bag of St Nicholas cookies for him :) 
He'll DV get a second bag on the 19th (St Nicholas day at our far away church!)...

7. I hope to do more baking at some point this week and I am so pleased with how the vegan cherry and chocolate chop cookie turned out! 


I am reading another Catherine Marshall book.... one thing that I am 
realizing more, I guess it's part of the 'growing up process' is seeing how adults 
are still working out their lives, are highly imperfect and that as parents
they don't always know how to best help the child or in her case, stepchild. 
I think this is one of the painful things that everyone has to deal with...
at least in this century (I am unsure of how it was over 100 years ago)...that 
one is often working on inner wounds/sorrow that one had as a 
child and that it can take a long time for things to be healed; 
and that by that time one may be a parent her/him self and well,
the child often has to work through parenting of a parent who is 
still healing themselves.  
But what else I am noticing is how much God can use each of us
while we are in process, while we are healing....
and that guilt for not being further along in one's healing
is not needed... instead of guilt, just trying to move towards 
God's light and healing each day. 
I know that I struggle a lot; between stresses of modern life, 
curve balls that are thrown at us, busy intense days, it can be
really discouraging to see (esp on an 'off day') how low
one can be at times and how much one can need 
forgiveness, esp. from one's family.
The main thing again I am seeing is just to keep going.
NOT to give up but keep trying to do what one can do
each day and keep asking the Lord for mercy along the way.


Tracy said...

Hi, nice to catch up with you today! Such good food you've making this week! And these bean tacos look delicious--must try those soon! It is always a pleasure to see your table and food... And how cozy it all is now, with the winter light and candle light... Just keep going! Those are wise words, my friend! I've had a down day myself today (nothing big, thankfully just as series of small things all sitting on top of each other... haha!) So reading such encouragement helps me turn the day... Thank you! Let's keep going! No matter what, God hold us! :))) ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

Tracy, Yes, I hear you! And we can all keep going together, with Christ! a HUG back to you!