Sunday, December 17, 2017

A cute Christmas decorated home

Saw on our way back to our car
after going to liturgy and lunch at our local church.
Cute, eh?
Today, other than the above, we rested, did more Christmas cards (letters),
watched a Walton's episode and have leftovers for dinner.
The cards are almost done.
Tomorrow is prepare St Nicholas cookies and gifts day.
And try to clean up the gift area in our library/chapel so it's less messy.
Busy days! 
I hope yours are blessed.


Tracy said...

Sooo SWEET!! That is some very creative Christmas decorating. We had a restful weekend here too. Hubby TJ was under the weather after a BAD allergy attack on Saturday. Thankfully we made it to church on Sunday. I wasn't feeling too good either. So not enough got done. But some good pajama-cozy time... very much welcome during these busy days lately. Wishing you a blessed week, my friend! :) ((HUGS))

shoreacres said...

That is just wonderful --a true gingerbread house. I especially like the peppermints hanging at the windows.

It sounds as though all is going well in your world, as far as preparations for the great feast. I hope your week is a smooth and joyous one!

Lisa said...

That is very cute!!