Friday, December 29, 2017


1.  I figure I am at least (or nearing the) half-way through my life here on earth. I often wonder
about the mystery of where we were born, how some are so poor and some so rich
and how I was born so blessed, of a loving home, of Christian parents, in a 
time of peace and of parents who sacrificed for their children.
2. I read a vintage YA book, Take Wing, by Jean Little yesterday. It was surprisingly 
lovely and very hopeful. 
3. My Husband and I took a jaunt to a used bookstore and I found my 
first Nigella Lawson cookbook ... my friend Em. has some of her cookbooks
and I have been looking for them used, at a decent price, for a long time.
So that was fun! 
4. So I have ordered some red (aka scarlet) fiestaware pieces - 2 small 
casserole dishes, and 6 bowls, 2 each size (super good sale + other discounts)...
they come in a few days.... 
5. I am looking forward DV to using the new scarlet dishes, for my Christmas dinners
soon, with my Spode dishes. They will go perfectly!
6. I bought a new tea recently, I am enjoying it!  It's a strongly spiced tea
and I find that it is best mellowed with a vegan (or if you are feasting non-vegan) milk.
7. I found, same used bookstore, the book
All the Light We Cannot See for a really great price.
8. I am dreaming of writing more and researching. 
9. I am really hoping to embark on some research and writing projects 
and go to a NYC library to do them. 
10. I am really looking forward to DV going to Christmas liturgy in a 
week Sunday.
11. I am feeling a bit more settled and connected to my NJ communities, 
a lot has happened to complicate/slow this down and I am 
grateful for those moments that show that some headway 
has been made. 
12. My baby verse is Isaiah 26:3
13.  I've been married over 5 years now
14. I really want to have a Chinese chicken dish, 
called Wu Se Chicken (Peanut Sauce) in Ottawa at this place
15. I just heard of the leipziger thomanerchor
16. I hope 2018 will be the year I finish my goddaughter's quilt
17. I really want to visit MI and see my family 
18. I love being married to my Husband
19.  I am getting new glasses, they are a more noticeably red frame
20. I love the colour red
21. I also love whites and blues 
22. In my 20s my favourite colour was green, a darker forest green
23. when I was a kid (80's kid), my favourite colour was hot pink
24. I like where I live now but reading Jean Little reminds me of how
I love and miss Canada and part of who I am is only accessed there...
25. I have more than I could ever ask or imagine
26. I don't believe anyone has all they ever wished for, even in big things
27. I think part of life is letting go of dreams and accepting what we are giving
28. But part of life also is seeking out what we are called for
29. It's a tricky balance to discern what we need to let go of and what
is ours to work and fight for 
30. I am by nature more 'free spirited' but am trying to get a bit
more disciplined
31. I really want to gain in routine that I keep desiring
32. I find that I am trying to change some routines to help with my dream of
doing more.  Like trying to get up earlier, getting dressed quickly and the like...
33.  Life often throws unexpected 'curve balls' and this is one of the biggest
reasons I don't yet have the routines and writing life that I want
34. The balance between rest and work is hard to get a handle on
35. Lifework is something I am still seeking to build into my life
36. Baking and quilting and cooking are part of what I am seeking
37. Of course the biggest thing is God and prayer and that is so hard to keep
in balance
38. I am really glad for the sacrament of Holy Confession
39. Holy Communion is one of the most important pivotal things in my life 
and is the only 'perfect thing' that I will experience this side of things 
40. I really appreciate my Husband and his disciplined ways
41. Today is my 41st birthday and I am full of dreams of the coming year... 
(may the Lord have mercy on me!)


Rosemary said...

Happy birthday! :)

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. May God grant you many years.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. May God grant you many years.

Paula said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more wonderful years.

karen said...

happy birthday Elizabeth!

Lisa Richards said...

Happy birthday, Elizabeth! May God guide you into the things that are perfect for you!

Lilly's Mom said...

I'm sending my dear friend Elizabeth, Happy Birthday wishes and all the best for the New Year! I loved reading your post as it is so uplifting. And, although we are a few years apart (I'm old enough to be your Mom!), I can identify with so many things that you write about and share with us. I heard that it takes 7 years to become a part of a new community upon moving. I've been in California now for 7 years and I feel I have finally settled in a bit. I'm excited to see your new dishes. That is another thing we have in common; collecting beautiful dinnerware. Blessings to you dear friend, Pat xx

Zena said...

41 Birthday Blessings to you dearest Elizabeth. I always feel an overwhelm of joy every time I pop back here. I will always be grateful for your prayer last year. I felt the holy spirit that night and found my way back to Chrisitanity. I was not aware I would be further tested with another 12 months with gruelling trials and without God I would not of survived.

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!

Thanks Pat for your words, they are a blessing to me! Yes, it takes time to have a new place and I am glad for it for both of us!

Zena, Lord bless you!!! I am so touched that God used me and I pray that you will be upheld. Health issues are really hard but God is with us in the difficult times of life and I know how it is to realize that without the Lord, we would not survive. God bless and keep you!

Becki said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday post. It appears to have been a good day. I loved reading through your 41 thoughts on your birthday. What a great idea. I turn 60 in a little over a year. I should start collecting thoughts now since I'll need quite a few more. ;^)