Monday, December 04, 2017

Monday ~ Feast Day Blessings and thanksgiving

Thanksgiving list! 

1. We were able to go to liturgy today! My Oma passed away 6 years ago and it is so meaningful to be in church on this day 

2. My Husband is my valiant Best Friend. 

3. So I have had reports that the cardamon cake I baked (The one with more sugar) was quite good. I am hoping next week to try a yellow coffee cake with cinnamon and cardamon.

4. Seeing kids at church being happy at church and playing church (today again a little young boy was play priest, holding up his book, etc, it was so so dear). 

5. Husband and I stocked up on a few things we needed at the grocery store and that's always a blessing. 

6. Laughter and good humour.

 7. St. Nicholas day (new calendar) is soon!!! (I do it twice here, one can never have enough of St Nicholas day in my book!).

8. A dear friend sent me a card with a beautiful magazine with an article by
beloved Mat. Rebekah!


Nancy said...

Seeing kids play church is a blessing. Years ago, after liturgy my godson was walking around holding up a picture book as a gospel book,chanting alleluia,and all in the parish said "Aw, how precious, maybe he'll be a priest one day". Then the kid throws the book to the floor and starts to sing the rock and roll song "Who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop". Beautiful moment ruined. I've obviously failed as a godparent.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Memory eternal.
Prayers for you and your husband.
I am thankful for you and your lovely blog.

elizabeth said...

Nancy, that's so FUNNY! you have not failed as godparent I think!!! Just keep praying. And that is just such a great story! I can just picture it....

Sara L ~ thank you so much!!!