Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cold, Sunshine and St Nicholas Cookies Complete

I was able to do baking all day today, 
with a break for lunch and a few rest breaks.
I did a triple batch of the vegan chocolate chip cookies (with OJ and cinnamon!),
a double batch of fresh cranberries (un-chopped this time) and chocolate chips
and a double batch of chocolate chip with dried cherries (both vegan)
(both from this recipe with egg replacer that includes the 2 tbs of water per 'egg' as 
the 'milk' for this recipe)....
I now have enough for St Nicholas day!
A note about the bowl of OJ: so I do OJ in frozen concentrate...
the other day I was baking and in a hurry and I did something silly.
I forgot that frozen concentrate in a glass jar is NOT something you want to 
hurry along with boiling water.  Yeah frozen + boiling - I cracked the glass
and later we had to throw it away :( 
So since I was in a hurry, I used hot water (not boiling) in my metal bowl 
instead!  (All cookies took OJ!)....
I made us a lemon and raw honey drink this morning...
hot filtered water, a half lemon juiced with raw honey... in hopes that
it will help us stay healthy in this season... 
We went out for dinner at our favourite diner. 
It's gloriously cold here and it snowed here overnight! 
Mr Husband and I went on a walk this afternoon,
he's working from home this week for the most part.
For lunch we ate at the cozy far end of the table,
as the cookies were taking up a lot of the table... 
it was nice and fun for a change.
And it's fun to have our Christmas table cloth back for 
this wonderful Nativity Fast and Christmas season!
So I am hoping to do something finally for the first time tomorrow...
DV I will be in NYC and I hope to go to the 
Holiday Market at Columbus Circle (this is near Central Park)
and see the Sisterhood of St Elizabeth that is there, 
I first knew of these in Ottawa, they came to our church twice while I lived
in Ottawa, from what I remember... and last year one came to our 
church for St Nicholas day...
So I hope to go there tomorrow to the little stall they will have,
They are very special and I do hope to find this stall 
(I already emailed myself the exact location of their stall yesterday!
I have a little icon on wood of the Mother of God right above my sink
that was from their sale they had at my church in Ottawa...
They are doing such good work, hard work and very worthy
and to be so linked to St. Elizabeth the New Martyr, who is also
the patron of my far-away church, is very special to me.
Please pray that I am able to do this!
I have wanted to for a few years and it would be a real
encouragement to me to be able to go and see them....
To be able to make my goals of baking + I hope NYC tomorrow
means a lot to me.
On another note - I have a dear dear friend in Ottawa
who is going through a hard time and her husband was rear-ended tonight 
in his car; he's OK from what I know but man, it was a super bummer
added to a lot of raising-kids-is-hard stuff... Please if you can say a prayer for
my dear friends, I would appreciate it!
God bless you all and keep you!


Paula said...

You've been busy. I've barely started my Christmas baking and Christmas is fast approaching. Have fun in NY!

Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Such busy days lately, aren't they?! LOVELY seeing your cozy Christmas-kissed sitting room!! And so much delicious baking and food...mmm... And your Christmas embroidered tablecloth is so beautiful!! So sorry about the OJ-incident, though. :/ I broke a nice jam-canning jar that way. When we hurry, it sometimes goes pear-shaped... LOL! Your idea for warm lemon water is good for now. I've not picked up that habit again. I seem to stop taking my hot lemon during the warmer months, and then slow to pick it up again. Thanks for the reminder! VERY, very exciting your trip into NYC...praying all goes well for you! The Sisterhhood of St Elizabeth of Minsk are amazing--they do such good work, and their voices, in song is simply breathtaking! Praying for you, my friend... and your friend and her huband. :) With LOVE, In Christ--Tracy ((HUGS))

Lisa Richards said...

What sunshiney pictures of your home! This is the first time I've seen what's outside of your windows. Looks like you're in the midst of town and up a flight or two from street level? It looks like a nice view. Enjoy your baking and I hope your trip to NYC comes about as you are hoping. God bless! Saying a little prayer for your friends.

Lilly's Mom said...

Hello Elizabeth. I agree with the comments above; your home looks stunning in it's Christmas attire. You have been busy this week! I'm so happy to see you up and about and doing all the things you love for this holiday season. And, those cookies you made look delicious. I'm going to make your chocolate chip cookies next week using Nestle's holiday chips which are chocolate, red and green. I wish I could go with you to the Christmas Market to see the people from Belarus. My son is engaged to a wonderful girl from Belarus. It's a country I hope to visit one day. Blessings to you dear friend, Pat xx

karen said...

I might cheat on the baking in my house and go to a bakery and buy them. This kitten rescue thing has me swamped with stuff!! And I'd rather knit than bake.