Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Summary of busy days

Busy days!
Quick summary
1. This weekend it snowed and I had such joy when we got a ride
with dear local friends to vespers... it was such a joy,
the snow, the company... we went to the diner after vespers...
2. Vegan cheese pasta sauce ... the leftovers became a fish-day
tuna broccoli and rice casserole with this vegan sauce! 
3. Went to the mall today and mechanic, actually found what I was looking for!
4. We got some more good news lately on the unbloggable front. 
We keep pressing on and praying.
5. Praying very much for CA with these fires
6. First batch of Christmas letters is going out tomorrow, DV!
7. I watched some fun Christmas movies lately. 
Someday I hope for some Christmas books to read, novels perhaps,
but all my Christmas books are still in our 'crazy closet' as we call it.
That's OK.  I have a lot I hope to do (Cookies, tea etc) if God so allows.
8. Really praying that we do not fall ill.  Lots of sickness going on.
No matter what, God is with us - and with you.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You find such incredible beauty in everyday things! It is always a delight to read your posts and enjoy your photos :-)
Wishing you Advent blessings and special prayers for the unbloggable issues xxxx

karen said...

glad you got a wee bit of good news! I wish I had that snow!!!

Lisa Richards said...

Many simple pleasures and so much to be thankful for!
Glad to hear that positive things are happening concerning your unbloggable prayer request.
Continued blessings!

chicory cottage said...

vegan cheese sauce? oh, recipe, please! your photos are beautiful; i so enjoy seeing glimpses of ya'll's life and church! <3 (i got snow too: about 8 inches here in the NC mountains; absolutely gorgeous!)

elizabeth said...

Chicory cottage ~ the vegan sauce is following this recipe:

but with a can of coconut cream, nutritional yeast and a bunch of freshly ground raw cashews for milk/cream and cheese. the nutritional yeast I add last. these substitutions used in the same steps as the recipe I linked to above in this comment!