Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A quiet day

Husband worked from home,
we enjoyed today.
I did a lot of walking and am slowly diminishing my PT appts. 
Tomorrow I hope to do some St Nicholas cookie baking.
Friday DV I go to NYC.
I am reading a book on St Herman and am finding it to be very dear to my heart.
I was really blessed to find it used in Holland last year
for a reasonable price.
It's finally COLD here and I am LOVING it, 
while praying of course for the homeless... 
it's hard sometimes to realize I am so blessed while others
are suffering so much.
Lord have mercy on us all! 

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Lisa Richards said...

Yes, it's hard to realize sometimes that something we find a blessing (crisp, cold weather) can be a hardship to someone else. Praying for plentiful shelter and food for the homeless. We don't have "street people" type of homeless, but we have our version. Those who depend on the benevolence of friends and family. Hope you get to bake those cookies! :)