Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Blessings in today

Busy days these are.
I really feel like God is being so merciful helping me with things.
I was able to do a lot of Christmas wrapping today,
prepared some of our teas (had a mishap and have to regrind some spices tomorrow
for the rooibos tea), I was able to clean up the kitchen,
dishes and dishwasher, and have dinner ready...
I find that if I rest in the morning time a bit, I am more productive for the 
afternoon time... 
The last picture is the purse my Husband gave me for St Nicholas day,
only he was the one who did not know what I was getting,
since I 'helped' him get it for me...and got it 20% off... 
I've been pondering about a feeling I had of feeling my age,
whatever that means; I will be 41 soon;
I saw a nice picture of a local friend and it hit me how
she looks so pretty and womanly and that we are all adults now,
it's like I saw in a different way that I am my age and that is good;
does not mean I am any more or less 'put together' but more that
I am being and sense I am the age I am now.
Don't know if that makes sense but I guess it is further processing
of the fact that I am in my 40s, am not getting younger and that
there are a lot of blessings of being the age currently I am.


shoreacres said...

I had to laugh at your cat, sitting in that box. They are wonderful creatures. I like your bag, too. The beadwork is very pretty!

Mat. Anna said...

I know what you’re talking about when it comes to age. I’m 43 now and quite comfortable with that, but it was more a series of revelations than a gradual thing.

Love Cleo!

Paula said...

I'm the opposite. If I've got a lot to do I need to get at it in the morning. I can't guarantee I'll get it done in the afternoon. Same with homeschool, if we don't get lessons done by lunch we don't tend to finish for the day.

I have a hard time being 46 some days. I think it's because growing up 46 seemed so old. I was 23 when mom was 46 so we were both 'grown ups'. Now I'm 46 and my daughter is 11 (though a very mature 11) and we still play with Barbie and Calico Critters. Most days I don't feel old, but then I feel that big 50 looming ahead and worry about being old with a little girl.

Becki said...

I enjoyed reading you pondering over your pondering about feeling your age. At 58 I can say that this happens over and over again. As friends (and we) pass through defining moments and landmark events I find I take stock of my age. Sometimes I'm a little sad at how quickly time flies and I'm tempted to count regrets, but I remind myself to be thankful for the blessings I've experienced in my life. And that I'm still here! And happy to be!

All that said, it's always an interesting and surprising experience to suddenly see myself through other's eyes - especially younger eyes. My body (and the mirror) reminds me that I'm growing older, but my mind has never yet fully believed it. I accept that as a gift.

Lilly's Mom said...

Cleo is adorable sitting in that box! I'm sure she is enjoying the holidays, too! You are SO young at 40. It's been said before, but age is only a number. I can't believe that I'm 64 years old as in my mind I feel the same; it's only my aches and pains now and then that I feel different. And, best of all, I'm not afraid of getting older. As I look back, I feel that life imitates itself as I've not taken my Mom's place and my daughter has taken my place. It's funny in a way but truly a blessing to grow older, wiser and be part of God's plan. Enjoy your week is your lovely, decorated home. And, give Cleo a hug from me! Pat xx

Lisa Richards said...

At 61 I really don't want to return to 41. I feel like I'm getting closer to Jesus and heaven. I guess the older you get, the more folks you have "over there" to look forward to, in addition to seeing the Lord himself. Also, my kids are getting more grown up, so I trust they could do without me if necessary. Not a gloomy thought. God's eternal plan never ends for us. That is so hopeful! Cats and boxes...go figure! :)

Lisa Richards said...

I really relate to what Lilly's Mom said. I feel like I've taken my mom's place, too. I find myself using the same mannerisms and just "sounding" like her. I remember her telling me, ages ago, that even though she was getting older she still felt like she was 18 inside. That really doesn't change. But, yes, you do feel some aches and pains. I've been looking at some "senior ballet" workouts on YouTube. Do I dare? Ha ha!

elizabeth said...

you all leave the best comments! Thanks Linda! Becki, yes, I think that is part of it ; the life-defining moments! Pat, Thanks! Yeah... I can see that happening for me too - except I have no daughter to take my place... so that's hard... but it is what is and God is with us no matter what - and that's wonderful. Lisa, 2 wonderful comments, thanks!! I really hope that as I get older I will be closer to Christ too. I love the line you wrote 'God's eternal plan never ends of us' ... thank you for that.... you ALL are such a blessing to me!