Saturday, December 02, 2017

Friday and Saturday, with blessings

Friday I baked little 
So I don't forget, I am going to tell you what I did 
differently with this recipe. 
First, while I did find recipes with the same proportions
for sour cream pound cakes, including this cookbook on the South,
I did not want 3 cups of sugar. 
For the first batch I went with 2 cups white sugar and halved the eggs (3 instead of 6). 
Based on a crumb taste, it is fine, a bit actually too sweet for what I wanted. 
Second batch (pictured here), I doubled sour cream to 1 cup, did all 6 eggs, 
did 1/3 cup brown sugar and 1 cup white sugar.
 Based on a quick batter test, it is less sweet for sure. 
However, I think with a nice glaze (I am thinking that doing sugar glaze with
 OJ or lemon juice and a dusting of cardamon could work really well) that it will
 be sweet enough! I am going to freeze them without glaze 
however and do the glaze, I hope, later! :)
Friday was a baking day, I made 8 mini bundt cakes, 1 mini loaf; 
one I gave away today to a quilt guild friend and one more I hope to 
give away soon and the rest freeze.
I chopped 3 cups candied ginger for DV future Christmas Chai tea.
I am also hoping to make some other kinds of tea
and was inspired to make a simple cardamon tea as well...
Today I went to quilt guild, first time this year!
We went out for lunch also and that was really nice!
And I got a few more Christmas gifts at a craft show afterwards...
I came home and Mr Husband had gotten the mail...
I got a lovely card and beautiful St Nicholas icon!
Thank you so much Pat, what a treasure!!!
it was wonderful to get such a reminder of St Nicholas care
for us, he is such a special Saint and I was actually
chrismated in a beautiful church named for him!
We went to vespers tonight and that was really nice!
The Cross on the top of the iconostasis got all new lights
and the chandelier got some too. 
So beautiful! 
Well, I am continuing to seek to pray that I
do what I need to do today and let God take care of the rest.
I am also reading a vintage book on St Herman that we got in Holland,
and I am really really enjoying this.  
St Herman is one of my special "Daddy but super Holy" Saints and the
first Saint I ever connected with... 
So this has been really encouraging reading.
Well, if I can, I am hoping to bake again this Tuesday.
We have a beautiful icon of St Nicholas at our local church,
I always go this icon with a thick candle and I do admit that 
I asked his blessing on my cookie baking for his day. 
I have asked for much bigger things in times of need before,
and St Nicholas has provided for me many times when I was in trouble.
And also he was the one I was told to ask for his prayers for a 
Husband and I sure do have a wonderful Husband now!
Anyway, years ago I also asked his help as a new wife
to find something for the first holiday party of my Husband's work
that I would go to and that was lovingly ansewred
so I know that I can ask for big and small things,
especially if they are in part for others too.
Well, I thank God for all of His blessings and pray
that no matter where you find yourself today,
that you will be blessed with 
health and salvation above all! 


Patricia & Fouad said...

Your cakes came out beautiful. Makes me hungry. You are such an accomplished baker! Happy to hear your package arrived. Have a wonderful week dear Elizabeth. Pat xx

Patricia & Fouad said...

Sorry, I see that I'm signed into my other account...this is Pat from Lilly My Cat blog....

Lisa Richards said...

Those mini bundt cakes are so cute! You're a much more knowledgeable baker than I am. I hope all of your baking turns out great! :)