Friday, December 15, 2017

NYC and the Sisterhood of St Elizabeth

I made it! to the Columbus Circle Holiday Market to see the 
white sisters of St Elizabeth! I was so happy!!!
Whenever I see either monastics or white sisters (who are 
dedicated to serving the monastery without being monastics),
I am excited; esp. now when I don't get to go that often or see them,
when I do, I feel like I am flying for joy... 
immediate remembrance of who I am, asking how things were this past year,
(I saw this sister a year ago this Dec 19th on St Nicholas day) and 
so much joy in the meeting...
And I took the subways... recently they just 'clicked' how to use them...
when I was first here, I would get so disoriented and confused...
now it makes more sense... and I am so excited...
I did get turned around when going back to the PATH train to NJ
because a person gave me the wrong instructions 
(it's very normal to ask in NYC where to go,
I did not understand the map instructions 
on my phone enough to know what to do)
but in the end a lady at a payless shoes told me to take the subway downstairs
and then go the right and I would be right where I needed to be.
And so it was! 
God gave me so much strenght today and my foot was OK too.
It still needs some PT and stretches, but is doing OK. 
Some beautiful words spoken by Sister Nataliia to me, 
including that Met. Anthony Bloom said once that
we trust God and he asked who does God trust
and the answer was 'us'... as in God loves, values us.
Also that the journey to God is the goal, is the way... and not 
giving keep on with Christ... 
And reminding me that what I can do (like baking cookies)
gives joy to others and is good. 
It was so lovely to see them both (the 2 white sisters) and 
to also get to shop in their store! 
I can't tell or show you what I got, of course, ...
Christmas and St Nicholas gifts you know! :) 
If you want to know more about these white sisters
and the nuns of St Elizabeth in Belarus, the city of Minsk,
go here
And if you happen to be in NYC in the next week, go see them!
Such kindness and such gifts are both a rare treasure! 
The picture of the maroons btw was because it makes me think of 
this dear blog friend... :)
An unexpected side note:
the step-father of my oldest friend died unexpectedly yesterday night.
Please pray for his new widow (my friend's Mom) and my friend and her sister.
I've known this family (the Mom and sisters) my whole life....
my Mom called me with the news...
my parents were good friends of theirs and went camping in the summer
and the now newly departed husband/step-father was going to put in for the 
June camping reservations soon for them.
So it's a real loss and I ask your prayers.
I have not lived in MI for more than a few months at a time in about 20 years
but when you go 'way back' this loss is still felt and understood for what it is.
I am so glad I have such blessing to see the white sisters today 
and for the prayers that will be done for us through this monastery.
God is so good to us.


Tracy said...

Oh, what fun... and so glad you made it to see the Sistehood, that all went well and that is was a blessed meeting! :) I was thinking about you, wondering about your day. Such beautiful gifts on the Sisterhood's stall... and such a great market all in all it looks/sounds like. Very glad you foot held you up. ;) You are problably resting today... Prayers to you, and to friend past and family... ((HUGS))

Pom Pom said...

Good for you, Elizabeth! I'm glad you had fun!