Friday, December 29, 2017

Had a really nice birthday!

Not a lot of time to write at present, but...
I had a really nice birthday! 
Thanks to all those who commented on my 41 post! 
I really appreciate each of you and your kind words! 
My Beloved Husband took me to 2 used bookstores today! 
And we went out to eat!
I found another Nigella book today! 
After looking about 8 years or so, there it was.
I love looking at cookbooks and reading them;
it's also very much showing social indicators of what is 
important in our society and the outlook of current life as it is lived 
by many (at least in the West).
I've been thinking a lot of the ones who have so much less than I do,
than many of us, who have family, a warm home, enough of all we really need...
I saw a homeless man the other day, his first name is Aaron; so cold and there he was
asking for money, for help, for love... 
it's been super cold in this cold snap so much of North America is having 
and I think of those who don't have a lot of resources.
It's hard to imagine or fully understand. 
Well, I am really thankful to God for my many blessings.
I am still at a bit of a loss on how to do what God wants in all regards,
esp. when I think of the homeless, when I have so much.
It's something I ponder a lot but don't have a lot of answers to,
other than to work on focusing on others and prayer. 
And trying to seek God and see what He wants me to do...
Meanwhile, thanks everyone for kind words and love!
May God have mercy on us!


Mat Anna said...

Happy belated birthday! I’m sorry I haven’t commented earlier. I’ve been distracted. Much love to you.

Lisa Richards said...

Yes, it is hard to know how to help sometimes. We don't have people living on the street here because it's too cold. Someone usually gives them a roof. We also don't really have anyone giving things away to the poor. It seems they have to go to the thrift store to buy things, which might even be too expensive for some. There are two days a week when a free meal is offered by some church people. I've thought of volunteering to help. Or maybe at the food shelf. I live in a small town, so such services aren't readily available like in the big cities.

Congrats on finding that book you've searched for for 8 years! It reminds me of one time that I found a copy of L'Abri at the library book sale for 10 cents. I just gasped and snapped it up! :)

Happy cooking!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, and happy cooking, Elizabeth!