Thursday, December 07, 2017

Thursday, cold and bright

I was able to take a walk this morning,
the air was cold, brisk, the sky blue; I love that weather so much.
I did a lot of Christmas cards (well a letter with a picture of us by our tree)
today and hope to do more tomorrow.
We got some unexpected better news today.
Our lives are between hopes and unknowns but I feel
more full of hope.
And with Christ, we have all the true hope
and stability we could ever ask for;
even when we are afraid to trust.
I finished the book on/by Catherine Marshall (it was rather a compilation 
as it was written after she died)... 
I hope to write more about it; 
it's tricky writing about someone after they have died; 
one never knows if they would of really wanted it
but there it is. 
It has a lot to ponder in it, and I am still thinking on it.
The house is much cleaner today and more laundry done.
Even though we had a difficult year this year,
I am feeling hopeful for the next year.
But no matter what, 
it is God who holds us
and it is His Son our Lord Jesus Christ
who will be with us in all of life's
ups and downs, storms, fears and joys. 


Lisa Richards said...

Amen! He's the only Rock solid enough to stand on!

Lilly's Mom said...

It warms my heart to see you out and about this season. "Christ is in our midst", what a blessing. Hugs. Pat

Mat. Anna said...

So glad for better news!

Martha said...

Pretty teapot and tray! You always seem to see the bright side in every situation. May God give you a better 2018...I'm mailing out cards, one headed your way!

Lisa said...

I'm very glad you were able to take a walk - excellent!

Mary said...

Elizabeth are you okay? Last blog I see is Dec 7. Prayers and God bless.

elizabeth said...

Hi Mary, Yes, I am fine. Been going to bed earlier and I often blogged later at night, so have not gotten to it in the last few days. We are both fine, thank God and thanks for your concern!