Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thanksgiving amidst the marathon of Christmas...

Thanksgiving list:
1. A warm home
2. Our Christmas tree
3. My Husband took me to our favourite diner!
(We got their incredible vegan pea soup to go to enjoy tomorrow too!)
4. I actually drove to the diner *in the dark* (I find night driving to be harder than daytime now days). I made it just fine but always feel like I am doing it a bit 'by the seat of my pants'
5. I got a lot done; tomorrow will be 'cleaning-take-two' day...
6. I collect jars of various sizes and it is so fun to put new tea blends in them!
7. That each day we can start again.
It's really busy days right now,
we are all in a Christmas marathon...
I made more Christmas tea today... there's still another blend I want to make...
but one thing at a time... have to do some paperwork before end of calendar year
and it's all coming so quickly!
I pray that each of you is in good or improving health and that God
helps you and gives His mercy to you abundantly!

1 comment:

Jane Jones said...

Your home is beautiful. You are right we have so much to be thankful for. Jane xx