Tuesday, December 17, 2013

St. Barbara's Day, a Snow Day, and Lenten Cookie Recipes

 Last evening
Mr. Husband and I realized that we were in 
for some more snow.

I woke to it's beauty.

I had originally hoped to be out doing errands today
on St. Barbara's Day. 
Instead it is a quiet day, one that found me
getting some much needed rest.

Here's the first bag of cookies that I gave away.
Cute as all get out.
Somehow I have become that woman who wants
everything to be very lovely, somewhat cute and 
as always, good to eat, a delight.
So far the forecast seems OK for going to St. Nicholas Day liturgy.
I have hopes of bagging many more cookie bags to give out
that day; St. Nicholas has long been my favourite
and this year God has granted me the energy to
bake for this day.
I am grateful.
I've had at least three requests this week for the recipes I used.
I don't have time to type them out but took pictures of them,
see below...
they are from the same cookbook that I used for the
chocolate brownie cookies,
is from this cookbook: 
Food For Paradise: A Meatless Cookbook.  St. John the Russian Church, Ipswich, Mass. 
I was given this cookbook as a wedding gift.
FYI, I also know where to get a copy if you need by, 
just email me.
So here are the two recipes:

The one above I used as is.

This one, the chocolate chip cookie one,
I used but added my own things too.
The first batch I did I wonder if I accidentally doubled the water needed.
In any case, I used the sugar water for both
the chocolate chip cookie ones I made
and the chocolate chip with roughly chopped cranberries.
I doubled the recipe for the dough, took half or so out after 
adding the chocolate chip bags 
and then mixed the rest with the cranberries.
For the other two, I used a bit more flour and used
orange juice as the liquid.
I took half out again and then added a bag
of cranraisins the original 
and the other with cherry juice infused cranraisins. 
Both are quite good.

It is nearing ever closer;
Western Christmas is next week;
we are nearing our January 7 Christmas,
inching ever closer. 

Tonight for St. Barbara's Day
I hope to make shrimp,
share a soup with Mr. Husband that I made last night
and share a cookie or two.
Blessed evening to you all!
And Happy St. Barbara's Day!


Apseed said...

And Happy St. Barbara's Day to you!!!

Mimi said...

A blessed St. Barbara's Day!
Thank you!

Martha said...

It was my mom's namesday! ♥ I have that same cookbook...I've probably made both those recipes before, but I really like your addition of dried cranberries to the chocolate chip ones...my sister often adds dried cherries to them!!! I need to make some of those this week to bring to my in-laws house when we celebrate Christmas with them on Dec. 25th, since it's still advent for us who celebrate on Jan. 7th.