Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Icons ~ Nativity {Fast and Feast} Calendar 2013

The other day I lit all my lampadas
and changed out the icon of the Mother of God
and the one of Christ for the Christmas Icons.

It is so wonderful to light the lampadas for these
two icons!

This is a very special icon,
bought at Holy Dormition Monastery
the year that I was in a lot of distress ~
job loss, money running out and health issues.
A dear friend send me some money
with instructions to use this for whatever I wished to.
A little of the money went to this most
beloved special icon.
It speaks to me so much of Christmas
and reminds me of how the trapeza of Holy Dormition
is decorated for the Christmas time.
This icon is one of Mr. Husbands
and was given to him by a dear friend
many years ago.

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