Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Feast Day of the Kursk Root Icon ~ a marker in my Nativity Calendar 2013

It was a snowy morning yesterday,
the Feast Day of the Kursk Root Icon.

I am often thankful for very simple things.
One of these is basmati rice.
I finished our first big bag of this yesterday,
washed out the glass container and filled it with new rice.
I remain thankful that we have the funds for a nice supply of food.

It was a fish day for us...
Mr. Husband worked from home because of
the morning snow and it was so nice to have him
on this feast day.
I made salmon burgers, rice and salad for lunch.

We put out the Kursk Root Icon out for the day
and prayed a bit of the Akathist to her.
For dinner I found some haddock with vegan batter
and we had more salad and some nice hot rice again.
I used our blue and white dishes as it was a
special feast day.
We are inching towards Christmas
and this feast day is a beautiful day of comfort
along the way!


Martha said...

Sounds like our weather was the same yesterday! ♥ 41 years ago on this very day, a monk gave my father his 1st icon, one of the Kursk Root icon. It was a few months later that he was baptized!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am so glad you had a lovely Feast Day!