Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Feast of the Enterance of the Mother of God into the Temple

Mr. Husband and I were at liturgy
this morning for the
Feast of the Mother of God into the Temple.

It was beautiful.
There were a few young girls there,
which was so appropriate for this feast,
as it is remembering when the Mother of God
at three years old was given like
Hannah gave Samuel in the Old Testament,
to the temple,
dedicated to God. 
We heard a beautiful sermon about
how the Theotokos was always in communion with God
and how we are to make our homes also
temples for God and to honour our home like we would
entering a church
and to order our homes to bring in the light that
comes from the church, with icons, lit lamps or candles,
incense and prayer.
To cultivate our lives and homes to help quicken us
and encourage continual communion with God
is such a wonderful task!
Blessed Feast!


E Helena E said...

That's the kind of home I'd like to have also.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Joyous Feast to you, my friend!