Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Slippers Take 1 ~ with a lovely Christmas book

I managed to finish the two
pairs of slippers on time for an
early family Christmas exchange.

I did not do them perfectly,
but at least they are warm, colourful...
Ravelry here.

My brother-in-law's slippers.
Ravelry here.

I am still getting the 1 row ribbed stitch down.
Basically I would get confused to what row I was in,
one that starts with K1 or
one that starts with P1.
I made them a little too big but my
brother in law says he can shrink them in the wash...
I am working on my third pair of slippers now
and so far so good!
It always takes me a while to learn a new pattern!
I have just gotten this book in the mail:

Donald Hall is one of my long time beloved poets
and I am so glad to have this book
that is such a wonderful capturing of what
Christmas was like in New England in early 1900's.
Lucy's Christmas is one that I discovered
and then ordered inexpensively on Alibris.
I ordered a few of the books,
including the one above,
after reading Katherine's post on
her Christmas basket of books.
I am so excited for the Nativity Fast
and reading Christmas books!
What are you reading and creating today?
Yarn Along with us!


Anonymous said...

The slippers sure look cozy -which is the main purpose of slippers :)

You can put a stitch marker after the first stitch on the right side of your work (usually the row that starts k1). Then you will always know which row starts k1 and which row starts p1.


October Rose said...

What lovely slippers! I have been wishing for slippers lately as our kitchen floor is VERY cold in the mornings! (It used to be a garage and there is only concrete under the tile!) Yours turned out wonderfully. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

My mother used to knit slippers for us children very like those! So nice on wintry mornings and days...

Kelly Ramstack said...

I can just see some silver jingle bells on that first pair of slippers. Perfect for Christmas!

Paula said...

I love these! They are very reminiscent of slippers my grandmother used to make us as children! I must try. Well, once I have all my other knitting done. ;)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...


Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

handknit slippers are the best kind of slippers! Surely the recipients are enjoying their toasty feet. :)