Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Women's Tea

While on holiday with Mr. Husband's family
a women's tea was held.
I had made chai tea as gifts~ the only difference to the
recipe is that I used Rooibos tea
so that it was all decaf.
I gave out tea bags, wrapped in parchment paper
in the little gift bag with the tea.
I used these tea bags. 

I used 4 oz or half a pint jars and split the chai recipe in half.

I cut out small pieces of paper
and wrote what the tea was on them;
one hole punch, the cellophane Christmas bags
and a bit of ribbon and they were ready!
Two of my nieces helped me prepare them. :)

I had ordered via amazon some this
GF brownie mix 
{we have a GF family member} and we had it at
our tea.

I have a small tablet that Mr. Husband gave me my
St. Nicholas gift
{our biggest gift is on this day, we found a great sale}
and I played Christmas music for this tea.

Mr. Husband and I did a grocery run
before we headed to the place that Mr. Husband's family
stayed at ... and we got these three teas.
One of the women also had a chai tea latte that many enjoyed.

I used the plates and napkins that were in the
kitchen already and placed the bags of tea by everyone's seat.

Mr. Husband's parents are and have good neighbours,
who brought treats to them for Christmas
and these also graced the table.
It is always a good challenge to make things beautiful in
places where one comes to without knowing what one's kitchen or table
will be!
I love making beauty where ever I am...
We discussed many things,
including the Little House on the Prairie books.
A lovely time was had by all!