Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sunny Tuesday ~ cleaning, cooking, and the Eve of a Great Feast

Once again,
I find how tired I am after a trip.
And Mr. Husband hurt his back a bit
so we are a little out of sorts.
I need to return two library books.
I ordered groceries online, they will come late this afternoon.
I am trying to figure out some good ideas for
toys for our littlest short people, under 5 years old.
I did find some teddy bears, made in the USA.
Any ideas for small gifts that are not being made 
by slave labour? 
Do share, please and soon!! :) 
{Note, I don't think I have much time to
make presents, FYI, though ideas on
this are welcome too.}
I got a head start on dinner today.
Will just reheat them...
Vegan potato and onion pierogies!

I chopped up two onions first.

Fried them in canola oil.

Put perogies in boiling water.

Once they float up they are done.

Spooned the perogies into the fry pan
with already caramelized onions. 

Fried the perogies until they lost the look
of being 'wet' and had a bit of golden colour on them.

They were pretty good!

I used up our organic frozen peas as a side.
These will be for me, as Mr. Husband does
not care for many cooked veggies... :)
A pretty simple lunch
and now I know they will work DV
for Christmas Eve's Holy Supper!!
I woke this morning so grateful for
Mr. Husband and I's home.
I was thinking of the
nuns abducted in Syria
and am praying that they will have a safe return
home soon.
It is a wonderful thing to have a home
that is peaceful and seeking to join in
the the liturgical life of Christians and the Church.
FYI, for those who wish to have more
information on Wes and Alana and how to help them
financially, please see their new website.
Tonight Mr. Husband and I hope to prepare for tomorrow's
Feast of the Theotokos' Entrance into the Temple.
We have prayers for this that we hope to do at home,
as it would be difficult for us to find a church near by
on the old calendar and in English.
We still have not gotten the 12 Festal icons for the
12 Great Feasts... Any thoughts on
where we should look?
Tomorrow will DV by my Oma's two year anniversary
of her falling asleep on this Holy Feast.
May her memory be eternal!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Memory Eternal to your dear Oma, and hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy. Colin doesn't care much for perogies, not as the main meal. Maybe if I used them as a side. Don't know what we're having for supper today. Ella's coming down with a cold and I feel exhausted. Must think of something soon.


Laura said...

A great source for children's toys is www.novanatural.com. I love giving natural toys to the littles in my life.

Victoria said...

local craft markets usually have somebody who makes handmade wooden toys and such. nice that you are choosing your gifts so conscientiously. it breaks my heart to see people's carts filled with plastic throwaway toys.

Matushka Anna said...

I'm making Christmas ornaments for all of the littles in our extended family (and for my little goddaughters). I understand not having time to make one more hand-made thing though!

I love pierogies and onions!