Monday, December 16, 2013

Cookies for St. Nicholas Day

Last week Tuesday I did
a lot of baking in the lovely hours of the afternoon.

Last year I had dreamed of making cookies for
St. Nicholas Day
but when it came to make them,
I ran out of time and energy.

I had always admired my Grandma for doing things in
an orderly planned out way,
including her baking,
which she does a few times a week for family,
church functions and potlucks.

So this year I made a plan for the Nativity Fast
and what big project I had to do each day.
Yesterday was my first of two cookie days
and I made 2 double batches of cookies ~
I am guessing it is between 60-80 cookies.
These are all the lovely
chocolate brownie cookies that I made earlier
and I used Crisco for them
to avoid all allergen issues
(other than gluten, which there is a GF need at my
near to me parish and book club but not yet
that I know of at my far-away parish).
They are all in two big freezer bags in the freezer now,
waiting to be put in the cute bags for St. Nicholas Day!