Friday, December 06, 2013

Making Beautiful the House for Christ to Come at Christmas

I got this lovely vase at the Greek monastery
I went to a few weeks back.
It was just three dollars more than the candles
themselves and I am so pleased with it.

I switched out the table runner under this shelf
from a light pink to white and
dusted all the icons, esp.
St. Katherine's as tomorrow is her day! 
I finally got my copy of
Meditations on Advent and have begun reading it.
I am so glad for some words to read during this
season to ponder how one not only prepares one house,
but one that can nudge us towards preparing
our inward self for Christmas.
What are ways you have found to
prepare yourself for Christ's Birth and to
be aware of the beauty of this Holy Season?


Martha said...

I ♥ that stash of beeswax candles in that pretty vase. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

You are making your home so beautiful this Advent season.


Michelle M. said...

That looks lovely!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Candles in a vase is such a clever and lovely idea!

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!