Saturday, December 14, 2013

To be noted

It is to be noted that 
doing Christmas cards is taking 
more than the 1 day I allotted to it
and the St. Nicholas cookies,
if I only do one cookie,
needs only 1 day.
I have decorated a bit more for Christmas.
Pictures forth coming.
Table currently littered with cards, decoration boxes
and a sugar and creamer in need of a new home,
since the holiday box and plate 
suddenly up-heaved them from their resting place.
I found for a mere 3 $ something an old lovely copy of
A Window Over the Sink by Peg Bracken.
I am loving it already.
I just finished the last bit of my re-read of
I mean to write up some thoughts on it.
I find I mean to do a lot of things,
will see if this one can happen.
I can say now though that I am wishing
very much for a new book by this author to be published...
I keep hoping... 
I await the UPS man daily,
am to get the chocolate coins today and 
I am always hoping for another box,
as some things I am getting for the
Mr. Husband gift stash are still 
coming in,
drips and drabs.
We have nobly promised to not look at each other's stash 
of gifts for the other.
We have birthdays, name days, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas
all a coming.
The only difference is that he knows about 1/3 or so of what he
is getting... while I believe I know 100% of what I am getting.
Though some of it was stashed so long ago,
like starting last February, 
that I am hoping I forgot some of it! :)
Mr. Husband and I tend to plan in advance.
Actually, I have his Valentine's Day present already.
I know, sad, isn't it?
Okay, off to repair my sock so I can wear it 
(seems only way I can discipline myself to fix them
is to darn them when I put them on and then find a hole).
What is happening to my socks though, I would like to know.
And my favourite pink hoodie has just discovered holes in it;
never mind that it already has a horrid stain so it is 
relegated to home wear only, but still.
Advice clearly invited! 
and my idea of waiting until Dec 14 for Christmas music:
well let's say that I will be changing this!
We've been listening to Christmas music since about
Clearly my calendar for the Nativity Fast will have to be updated...
Blessed day to you all! 


Lisa said...

Elizabeth, I have something by Kathleen Norris called The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and "Women's Work". Look it up!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

I am always meaning to do things, too. That made me chuckle. :) So glad to hear that the surgery went well... Glad your Advent is filled with music! We have a rule in our family: No Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. We let the kids freely pick from our cd collection after that -- they love it! Blessings, Lisa :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Goodness, you too must have a Sock Monster living in your home!