Friday, December 20, 2013

It is all worth it

I must say that all the cookie baking and
wrapping for St. Nicholas Day was worth it.
{Note to self, use this website when ordering
the goodie bags next time I need them...}
I am also very tired today,
that cannot be that surprising! :)
I am slowly doing laundry,
planning some last minute gifts,
simple ones that do not require that much work.
I am trying to get our house in order again.

I've been using packing material as
wrapping paper this year
with some ribbon.
Fun and simple!

I am so grateful for lit lampadas.
Esp. after I went to the mall for some needed last minute things
(I had a 20.00 off coupon and honestly needed some practical things...
well, and some just plain liked cranberry lotion and bath things
that were with coupons etc etc a very good deal...)
But wow, I still have such a hard time at malls.
No beauty, music that does not deserve to be called such
and whew I was so GLAD to be home,
with Mr. Husband, our icons, our little corner of beauty
and the coziness of a home that is lived in with
God's mercy.

I am excited for the new cookie recipes I made this year.

I've now listened via audible to all of the
Narnia books by CS Lewis.
The goodness, the joy, the beauty...
it reminds me of Father Christmas;
it reminds me of St. Nicholas Day
and that such beauty is REAL.
I am really beginning to look forward to Christmas with Mr. Husband now.
Not till January 7th and I have much wrapping to do before then.
But I am so looking forward to these days.
Truly, as tired as I am
{don't worry, I am resting...}
these days are just such an unmistakable gift to me.
Thank the Lord the Merciful Giver of Every Good Gift! 


E Helena E said...

It does me good to read your posts!

Apseed said...

Enjoy every minute of Nativity Fast. Don't hurry:)

Martha said...

I ♥ that icon of St. Nicholas...what a nice thing for you to do, giving away bags of cookies. Your cookies look scrumptious!