Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Decorating for Nativity ~ Cozy, Christmas and Lampadas Lit

Almost everything is decorated for
Christmas now.
I love lighting my lampada for the Nativity every morning.

I saw this plate at a thrift store in MI
when I was there with my Mom this past
I love it's simplicity and vintage. 

My handmade Nativity Glass Bulb from Romania,
with knit square under it from my Oma.
A handmade ornament from my family for this Christmas.


MamaBirdEmma said...

It's so nice to start to get ready for the feast, isn't it? The children and I brought down the bin with the last little bit of decorations in it... The stockings, things for the door, and the lights and ornaments for the tree.

E Helena E said...

Such beautiful things!

Martha said...

All of your oil lamps and icons...lovely! ♥

Lisa said...

I especially like that nativity bulb - very unusual.