Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Peeks of Christmas yet to come

For many this day is Christmas Eve.
It was my Oma's birthday.
She would of been 105 today.
It was on this day,
just 20 days after she fell asleep in the Lord,
that Mr. Husband and I first
said the words
that hold one true for years to come,
I love you.
It will always be on my Oma's birthday,
those words.

I have really grown to love this little deer,
one of the last things Mr. Husband held onto
from his Grandfather who immigrated to Houston BC
decades back...

These coins are waiting for St. Nicholas day.
Just wanted them in this post,
as Christmas Eve seems like
a second but even deeper
St. Nicholas Day.

I got this book years ago,
full of beautiful Christmas Art of centuries past
and the Christmas Gospel in calligraphy. 

My Mother gave this to me this year
as an early Christmas gift.
I have already begun reading it
and it feels so close to me,
it's as if Corrie is my Grandmother telling me
these stories in person instead of through
this lovely little book.
I was given this ornament by a couple in my second church,
who I knew when I was in library school.
It's a really lovely one!
Now all we need up is our small table top
Christmas Tree!
And presents wrapped of course...
We have till January 7 for our Christmas,
so we still,
by God's mercy,
have time.
Blessed Christmas Eve today for all whose Eve it is!


E Helena E said...

May the memory of your Oma be eternal! I can imagine that Corrie's book would remind you of her. She had an amazing testimony and life.
Such lovely gentle photos. Love to you.

Apseed said...

Oh, yes, I agree with you. Christmas Eve is like St. Nicholas day, but this time we're waiting for Jesus. It's so incredible and wonderful at the same time!

elizabeth said...

thank you so much E. and Ira ~ yes, very much so!!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Memory Eternal to Oma, and God grant you comfort and peace as your remember her!