Friday, December 13, 2013

Small Goodness in today

You should see my kitchen table right now.
Actually, you don't want to,
it is littered with cards, pictures,
address books, envelopes, papers, pens, stamps...
I can't even remember if I took my plate away from lunch...
I managed to get many Christmas cards mailed today.
Then found out that the package that the US Post
left us a note for us to sign for it,
when we were home
that I got after mailing said cards,
ended up being the box of books that we mailed to
ourselves from Michigan via book rate post
and luckily I had my red cart...
So when I got home to an email from one of my
dear friends who I had to ask her postal code,
saying that I was organized for sending out my Christmas cards
so soon, well,
while I don't feel a bit organized,
it still made my day seem a bit brighter in spite of the table
being hidden...

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