Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Yarn Along: Christmas with the Kids

Mr. Husband and I spent
Western Christmas with
his family,
which includes 15 nieces and nephews.
All but the baby got scarves from
Auntie Elizabeth :)
The girl scarves were a light blue or pink:

The boy's scarves were a nice deep blue:

It was fun to give them out!

I had been working on them since last February!

Here's one of our nieces sporting her new scarf. :)
I've been slowly reading this small book
by Kathleen Norris...
The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and "Women's Work"
For anyone who is confronted with the daily
tasks of laundry, dishes and the continual task
of cleaning up;
or for those who love to create and those who love to write;
for all who struggle with what seems to be the monotony of things,
this book would be a wonderful read for you!
I am savouring it!
Blessed New Year to everyone!
Mr. Husband and I are on the Julian calendar,
so our Christmas is not till January 7th and we are
looking forward to it!
I hope everyone who has had Christmas was blessed
with one that is comforting in the promise
that Christ came at Christmas to be with us,
no matter what life is throwing at us right now.
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn Alone with us!


October Rose said...

Great work on all those scarves!! I am impressed. :) And I've added the book to my "to-read" list!

Anonymous said...

Handmade gifts are the best! Well done. (I LOVE that book.) Happy New Year!

M. Emily said...

Your scarves are beautiful, Elizabeth! Great job!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Gosh, those scarves were certainly a labour of love, and very beautiful gifts!