Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In Ottawa with a Beloved Scarf for a very dear friend

I finished the textured scarf
 for my dear friend
who is modeling it in the picture above.
It is perfect for her as the colour is 'hers'...
I was so pleased to see her wearing it.
I found a tea that she will love that very dear friend Mary 
introduced me too; I got a box for her as well!
I am hoping to keep making teas with various things
and blog about them in the future, God willing.
I've been in Ottawa since Friday;
It was -13 F with 'real feel' being -29 F here!
I layered up well and has been gifted 
a 100% cashmere sweater that helped keep me warm!
I fly back today and hope for a on time flight...
The forecast shows it being windy but clear.
Please if you would in your charity,
pray that I get home today and in peace!
I am re-reading the book that was so integral to my 
journey in life.
I was talking to another dear friend last week
and told her that I am rereading this book;
it seems to be a book of beginnings and transitions for me.
I read it through a few times in my earliest years
in my discovery of the Orthodox faith
and find myself being so encouraged by it again now
as I continue to build my new life with my
beloved Mr. Husband.

I have so many wonderful moments from my days here in Ottawa!
I am excited to return to my life with my husband
and hope to work on many things,
including reading books with him slowly,
learning to knit socks to give him 
and start a new knitted blanket.
What are you creating and reading?
Yarn Along with us!


Deb Hickman said...

What a pretty scarf and colour. Deb x

Anonymous said...

Safe travels! I love the color of your scarf.

Cathie J said...

Beautiful scarf. Keep warm and travel safely.

Sarah said...

Such a pretty scarf! Sounds like a wonderful visit, safe travels!

Reinventing Mother said...

The scarf is lovely! I bet your teas are so tasty and fragrant. What a nice combination gift!

Jazz said...

Amazing scraf! Bon voyage!

karen said...

lovely cowl and I pray you have safe travels that are completely uneventful :)

Martha said...

I hope you enjoyed your visit with Mary. I just heard sad news about her cat, Cleopatra. ♥ Your other friend must love that looks wonderful! And that chocolate spice tea sounds amazing, rich and warm.

Mary G said...

Love the textured scarf ... you are really progressing as a knitter. Please let me know if you need help getting started knitting socks for your dh!

Mary G.
P.S. Hope you got home safely!

Lisa said...

It came out very well! I like it.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The scarf is lovely and I am so happy you are enjoying your time in Ottawa!

Callie said...

What a lovely gift idea. I'm sure your friend enjoyed it so.

Anna said...

Thank you for the mention of Courage to Pray. My copy has just arrived and I'm planning to read a few pages each day through February.