Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So it is one of those days.
A beautiful sunny morning.
I baked the cookies you see to the side of this picture.
Hope to do the blog post on these soon.
Thanks for comments on my last post.
I think part of the issue I am dealing with 
is just setting up home and feeling isolated.
I am doing things about it
but it is hard to be patient, 
I admit.
So I found out that my vanilla beans,
the ones I had not used,
were slowly growing white mold.
Saw this and immediately prepared all the rest
and put in remaining vodka.
Also added more beans to original two bottles
as the vanilla still tastes more alcohol than vanilla.
I had plans to do many errands today.
Some will get done.
I have one friend who rushed to the ER today.
Another told me of a real sudden loss in her life;
death comes suddenly to some.
Lord have mercy on us all.
I am grateful for today.
That is all I need to know...


E Helena E said...

Thinking of you every day!

Anna said...

I look forward to vanilla developments! but I think you may wait a long time for the vodka to taste of more of vanilla than vodka - commercial vanilla extract tastes awful by itself! (I've always wondered how that taste disappears, even in uncooked uses e.g. flavouring cream...) Anyway, I flavour sugar instead by burying a vanilla pod in the sugar jar. Yum!