Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In Ottawa

I got paper to put behind this icon of the Mother of God
at the art store in downtown Ottawa.
(The frame I am using for it is just a bit too big).
It's been good to be here.
God willing I come home Wednesday,
just after we get a lot of snow.
It has been good to be here.
To see dear friends.
To talk to my Ottawa spiritual father about my new life.
I got some Ottawa-specific things, like my Bridgehead tea.
Ottawa is a unique town in that the rich and poor are living nearer to each other,
especially downtown.
I miss that in my new life and it is nice see things here.
But I also sense that I am slowly adjusting to my new life more;
Just a sense of a bit of internal space that has more room in it;
I am sure I will at times face grief of what and who I leave when I am not in Ottawa.
But I have much to do now in NJ and am happy for my life
with my husband.
I bought a little bit of chocolate and tea;
it does seem that it is simple things like tea that
I am often most happy with.
Time drinking tea with Mr. Husband and with friends
is often my most treasured of times.
I have not always been able to get full nights of sleep here.
I do ask your prayers that I do not fall ill.
I hope to come home on time on Wednesday.
The weather for both sides is forecasted to be clear this day.
It was wonderful to have Theophany here;
and to say:
Christ is baptised! 
In the Jordan!


Anna said...

So glad you're having a good visit back in Ottawa, and that you are feeling less uprooted and more at home in your new life too. I agree, things like tea make the best souvenirs - they bring other places and memories into out daily life rather than staying separate from the life we return to after the trip or holiday. Despite living in England, the land of tea, I always get Stash teas when I go home to Canada. Best wishes and prayers for good health and good weather!

Christie said...

Happy feast day, Elizabeth! xx

Anonymous said...

I hope you are staying warm enough, it is so very cold out today.


The Snowman said...

It was wonderful to see you again!

elizabeth said...

Anna ~ I hear you on tea and on stash tea; I LOVE their licorice spice!! and others... :)

Thank you Christie!

Paula ~ you would not believe the layers I wore; two shirts, cashmere sweater, dress jacket/blazer, my black over coat, my long ll bean winter coat; a layer under my black pants and a long black skirt that hid the pants! and boots... and a hood and scarf inside outfit covering my neck and one outside around the hood!!

Thank God I had that black coat as well; I needed all the layers!

Snowman ~ it was wonderful to see you and M at church! a blessing!