Friday, January 03, 2014

The baking of cookies and cakes with lovely young ladies

Mr. Husband's family
manages to pack in a lot of special things
in a Christmas week.
One that was a special joy to my heart
was baking cake and cookies with various nieces.
We baked St. Lucia cookies
but I failed to get pictures of them.
We gave them out after reading this book to them.

I ad-libbed it a small bit as
I was telling the story to God-loving protestants...
I am already hoping to do a new story with them on
St. Boniface at a future DV Christmas!  :)
Two of my younger nieces came walking into
my cabin as my eldest niece was baking a cake.
They said they were here to bake a cake with me! :)
Melted my heart right there, I tell you!

I had them bake GF chocolate chip cookies from a mix.
They loved helping clean up eatting the batter in bowl! :)

The cookies were a real hit! 
The cake was lovely too!
It was a really special time!