Thursday, January 02, 2014

Hurry, Hurry...

Coming back from being gone.

It seems it always takes a good 3-4 days before things are

But our humble Christmas tree is up.

More beautiful ornaments every year.

Mr. Husband and I had two epic grocery runs.
The second one included getting this faux fir garland.

For my birthday my Mom filled this
vintage bag with the most beautiful and treasured things.
My Aunt P. gave my Mom my Oma's
knitting book from 1947 and a bunch of her knitting needles
for me.
I can not tell you how loved I felt, how warm.
I remember my Oma consulting her knitting book,
I remember the needles.
I still wear the slippers she made me,
the little tree red square 'skirt' for my humble tree was made
by her... the same yarn made my red scarf that I wear at Christmas,
that my Mom gave me the day or the day after she passed away.
I hope in the New Year that is now here to
make my husband socks from this book;
he has requested Navy Socks.
What yarn should I get and that would wick well?
Have you read Anna Marie Horner's latest blog post,
about her Mother's last days and the room with icons where she prayed?
It is beautiful and the love and warmth
and memory of her Mother reminds me of my Oma
and how now I have her knitting book.
My heart swells with a sense of gratitude and a sense of being protected.

I got this vintage stocking in MI at a thrift store
with my Mom.

I am still making it through this book.

Today I hope to bottle my vanilla.
Tomorrow I hope to make more tea.
I have dreams of baking but Christmas is coming soon
and I have a blanket to finish
and a Holy Supper to prepare.
All the ingredients for this have been obtained.

I am hoping to finish a few more wash clothes;
an easy thing that I can pick up and knit a row or two.
I am grateful for my new life.
For my marriage.
Every night Mr. Husband and I try to remember to always pray
for protection for our marriage and that love and peace can
always be in our home.
Soon DV it will be our second Christmas together.
We are looking forward to some special Christmas meals,
the Holy Supper beforehand and all the goodness that is entailed.
Not one of Mr. Husband's presents are wrapped yet.
It will wait... we are not opening gifts till the night after Christmas
to keep things simple.
It is beautiful that way.
12 Day of Christmas and before they are done
I will be making a short trip to Ottawa again this year
for Theophany
(Mr. Husband is staying home with Cleo who no doubt will be
missing me again).
I am trying to gauge these days well,
not over doing things as I do not want to fall ill
again like I did after it was all over last Christmas and Theophany...
Wishing you all God's upholding during these Holy Days.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Every blessing to you both for the last days of the Fast!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I'm still trying to get unpacked and sorted out from being away over Christmas. We leave our tree up for the whole of Christmas, but it's time to start putting away presents and getting some room in the living room.

Be happy you aren't in Ottawa today. We are -30C without the windchill (which is blowing too).

How lovely to get 'heirloom' knitting things! I have some of my grandma's and some of Colin's great aunt's and some from a friend's Oma. It's like you can feel the love still in the needles :)

Take it easy as you head into Christmas. All the extra work won't mean anything if you are too tired to enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that I always make Colin's sock out of Berroco Vintage ( It's a blend so it doesn't feel like wool, in case he's picky like mine. It's worsted size, so they knit up fairly quick (Colin is size 11).


Lisa said...

I read the Anna Maria Horner post, too. It was beautiful.