Friday, January 03, 2014

Many Good things including snow and sun

Yesterday right before lunch
I managed to put the Christmas table cloth on
and Christmas candle holder,
which was a gift from my Aunt M. at my family bridal shower.

I am going to need a new bees wax thick candle for this soon!

Yesterday much of our silverware was polished and then washed in
hot soapy water...
{I had help thankfully.}
I am hoping for a special Christmas dinner 
for Mr. Husband and I on
the second day of Christmas.

We have finally gotten some real snow.
Sadly it will not stay long.

Cleo is quite glad to have us back. 

The sunshine was so beautiful this morning!

We got Cleo some more of her normal cat food,
as we had been using other food before we stocked up
on our two epic grocery shopping earlier this week,
which sadly left Mr. Husband's  back a bit sore :(
We have to carts and had gone by foot to the store,
I think it was the pulling and pushing of carts that did it.

I am so excited for Christmas.
This fast has seemed long; 
Mr. Husband and I are counting down the days.
I had forgotten that it is fast free until the eve of Theophany! 

I am slowly reading this small book 
and am just loving it.

I am hoping to do a dinner on St. Basil's day
and am already menu planning!

The knitting is slowly coming...
I've done two loads of laundry yesterday
1 load today and another to do soon...
such a relief,
I did not have much left to wear that was for winter!

Even Cleo has gotten a few good brushings in lately...
I took it easy this morning, rested and long bath; there is something
about water that is so restorative.
We are in the homestretch for Christmas now.
I am hoping to get few things done today yet...
making tea, finishing the blanket, laundry
and some grocery shopping....


Mimi said...

I just re-read the Quotidian Mysteries last month. Your cover is much lovelier than mine is!
Thank you, by the way, for the Lenten sugar cookies recipe. They were very yummy.

Lisa said...

I wish Henry would let us brush him - he was never properly socialized. As a result, he has knots in his fur which we have to try and cut off from time to time.

I'm glad your fasting is soon over!

Michelle M. said...

I have the Quotidian Mysteries on my nightstand as well. I haven't been able to finish it yet. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My copy of the QM also has a very boring cover compared to your lovely one!

Lisa said...

Elizabeth - isn't there an easier way to polish silverware? If you google "how to clean silverware naturally" you will find some ways which involve boiling water, aluminum foil, and maybe salt, baking soda and/or vinegar.