Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today, Yesterday and a Song

The tea cups and plates we used for our Christmas.

A belated birthday card...
real tatting,

Our priest said the Christmas ornaments can be up until
the Feast of the Temple.
So it is going to be.

I talked with my dear friend who came to me
in the midst of my time with mono
and she made the chicken,
I made the pie the day before
and we both still think of that meal,
that brief meeting;
ah, life all the precious people,
all the beauty,
all the loves...
So my friend shared this song with me.
We, that is Mr. Husband and I,
have not seen this movie yet,
actually not either since we were sick last year
and had mono this year.
But the song seems perfect today and
we talked about how we are seeing it all crumble
culture, our lands, our England, our well, the things we love.
Yet I, we, all
we remain in HOPE.

I wrote this as a comment today and it holds true for what I am thinking:

I once asked a friend how do we deal with living in this world that is so fraught with darkness on so many sides. He said to go read those who had faced the darkness and he suggested CS Lewis as one of those to read. I find Lewis can really help one fight the darkness; miracles are real.

It is hard to be in your situation but I will light a candle... they also are part of fighting darkness; candles lit by an icon light up the whole world;...

These are my Christmas towels,
my best tea towel newly from my Mother
for Christmas, it is from Holland.

My tea cup saucers,
including the two new this Christmas
from a dear friend.

I was so happy that I was able to wash my lampadas. 

The tea cups drying.

Cleo has been on the table eating flowers.
She also alerted me to the fact that there was no water left
in the vase.

I am supposed to be packing.

These are our Christmas flowers.

Cleo seems to prefer the ones just in back of these
tiny white ones.

The small icon above has St. Basil on it.
It is his day.

I did not think to tell my dear
friend who talked with me as I knitted and
realized I forgot to eat lunch and then heated it up...
that I am slowly reading O'Connor's letters and how
deep they get as one reads them.
So I am telling her now.

Oh Cleo;
your latest cat sitter called you elderly.
I wish you would always be with us,
our source of delight...

It is St. Basil's Day.
The New Year.
The Day of Christ's circumcision!

I got this small lovely loved ornament yesterday in the mail
from Martha.
Thank you. I love it. I had been wishing for another icon of
Nativity; I could not get enough of them and having this one
is a real gift to me, a great treasure, truly. 

Candles lit.
Carving out places of refuge...
My friend who gave me the song today
told me of another who reads my blog in England
and I am saying hi to her also today
and my friend I talked to today,
this blog post is for you.


Martha said...

Happy St. Basil's day to you, too! ♥ I'm sorry the little icon is so late. I was wondering how long we should keep the Nativity celebrations and decorations!

Heather L. said...

oh I love your Christmas china! so pretty! That's wonderful that your mom has the Friendly Village! I haven't seen any random pieces for sale at Goodwill lately, nor have I been to any antique stores but someday I will find more. Yes!! I've read some Goudge and need to read more!!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Love your photos....and darling Cleo!