Saturday, January 04, 2014

Pre-Christmas Celebrations

Mr. Husband bought me a very nice tea
for my birthday at Martha's church,
from St. Elizabeth's Skete in upstate NY.
It has raspberry leaves, lemongrass and mint.
Also a Christmas CD that is calm, soothing 
songs of Christmas from the Orthodox tradition;
it almost seems like folk singing but purer.

Mr. Husband's Mom shared with us a tin of cookies
that we are keeping for Christmas time.

It was also Mr. Husband's name's day
and so I set up a small tea on the couch for us
on New Year's Eve,
the day after his Name's Day.

I wrapped up two of the books I got for him.*

This was also the extent of our New Year's celebrations.
We ate one piece of chocolate each,
leaving two bars wrapped 
(I wanted Mr. Husband to have his choice of lenten chocolates
and so got out three choices).
We did our prayers for evening time and were sleeping
 by the time the new year rang in.
We both relished in being 'boring' and attending to the fact
that we were still tired from our trip.
I am so glad for all of this.

(*the one bag that Mr. Husband's book was in is actually a deep bright pink as it was from
the wedding we went to in mid-August and we were a friend of the Bride;
I foresee us using this bag for a long time to come to quickly put a present in for the other,
regardless of colour and gender :))


Martha said...

It was so nice to have you visit our church!!! Happy namesday to your husband! ♥ What a pretty tray and tea set-up! I've tried 2 kinds of those loose leaf teas from the convent of St. Elizabeth and they're great!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Not long now :-)

Michelle M. said...

I love that Christmas CD :)