Monday, January 13, 2014

One the 4th, 5th, 6th Days of Christmas...

So about that vanilla I am making.

A while back,
before our January Christmas,
I got the vanilla bottles ready to go.

It was just after my celebration of Mr. Husband's name's day.
I can see that by the plates we used :)
Well, long story short,
the vanilla is not ready yet.
My beloved husband and I think that we missed a bit of
the shaking weekly and were too reticent in our shaking.
So we are shaking them more and waiting.
I agreed with him that it is a good idea to try them again
around the feast of the Entrance into the Temple.

Did I tell you that my Mom got me this
tea spoon infuser for my birthday?
I love it!

I am still loving the simple things,
like lighting candles for others.
So many to think of and pray for.

So we rescheduled the feast we were to have tomorrow.
I was tiring too much and I fly DV to Ottawa
towards the end of this week.
Mr. Husband consoled me by saying we could just
keep the Christmas decor up for the rescheduled event.
It is much better this way;
gives me time to recover and to gear up for my trip.

Above are some of the birthday cards I received.
My trip to Ottawa is for my birthday;
cost very little money and Mr. Husband gave me his
air miles so I could have a direct flight.
I am indeed very loved.

This quote really hit me recently:
The carnal way of life constitutes death.  If you wish to live long,
live through the spirit; for life consists in the spirit:
"If you through the spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, you shall live,"
both here on earth and there in heaven.  Observe fasting,
temperance and simplicity in food and drink; do not foolishly
squander the balasm of your life; do not seek after riches or luxury;
strive to be contented with little; keep peace with all;
respect and love all; envy none; and above all, strive ever to bear Christ in
your heart, and you shall live in peace."
~St. John of Kronstadt*
Well. Wow.
How beautiful. I have been thinking about how much
I have been given;
I still think the days of festive times are feasting times; but
even in this, well, perhaps I should be a bit more disciplined in areas...
Contentment ~ perhaps this should be the word for me for the year;
I struggle a lot with this one;
and what it means and how it plays out in one's life... 

I recently was given a belated wedding gift;
for my GF baking and other things;
I have been given so many things that are beautiful;
I also got two exquisite Christmas Colour tea and coffee cups;
I will have to show them to you sometime here.

I hope to use them for tea for the rescheduled
Christmas and St. Basil's day dinner...
I have been enjoying festive foods and having chicken again;
it is so wonderful to just be in the moment;
I am so often not in the moment but had some times with my
NJ church family that I treasure ~
baby holding, traveling blessing with Holy Water on
a new beautiful silk scarf I was given for
talks at the parish Christmas party.
All very love and dear times.
It will be good to see everyone in Ottawa;
and this year God willing I will see them
with a year plus of living here in NJ;
I am slowly more settled;
have traditions building...
These things really help one.
I am grateful for these days of Christmas DV
before Theophany with many beloveds in Ottawa!

*quote found in 2014 Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints 


E Helena E said...

What a wonderful birthday present!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Safe travels for your journey, dear friend!