Friday, November 30, 2012

Various places I go when insomina hits

Photo from last weekend.
This head cold I have is really wearing me out.
I wanted to point these blog posts out to you:

1. Fr. Michael's forgetting that I am blind
words on gentleness and grace.
2. St. Stylianous day post and prayers
3. Fr. Milovan's post on only love reveals God
Thanking God that Maureen made it to her father's side
as he lies in great illness;
please continue to pray for her.
Please pray that Anna's house continues to stay safe
while England floods.
I am really hoping to get better.
This is night two of really bad insomnia
and the cold continues to flourish.
Please pray for Noah as has medical appointments
tomorrow/later today and has more and more complications.
Please pray for Jeff and Kate as they struggle
financially and need God's mercy and miracles.
On a cheery note,
do check out Mat. Anna's blogiversary give away!
Sometimes life and the news seems so difficult all the time;
I was so cheered by hearing of one of the kids
my sister cares for got a job.
This is huge. 
An orphan who is not only
not on the streets but found a job.
Still working on the photo book
and I made our Thank you card for our wedding
and the Christmas card is also made.
Progress is being done
and I am hoping to do a post
in the near future about it and my wonderful photographers
who did such an incredible job on them.
One of my longtime friends just blogged about a
book that sounds like a winner for me and others;
Keeping House: A litany of everyday life.
I do hope to get back to swimming.
I am on the search for a swim cap that
will not be really tight on my head
(I get headaches easily from such things).
Wondering if this one would be a good option.
Any prayers for relief from insomnia
while having a cold are appreciate!
I am really trying to keep in good spirits
while being at home a lot
and am making progress in building my life.
I keep trying in my process
of learning my way around this very new to me place.
Thank God for His love and for the Saints being very near.
Blessings on you all,
my dear friends.


The Snowman said...

Prayers for you. Hope you get some to you from M..

Roxana Nicoleta Petre said...

Hi, I hope you are feeling better. I wanted to tell you that I like reading your Blog very much. I've discovered it a few months ago and I've been meaning to write for a very long time. My name is Roxana, I'm Romanian and currently I'm leaving in Cyprus with my husband, who is an Orthodox Priest. He is also Romanian.
First of all Congrats on your Wedding. My both of you be blessed with love, patience and health.
I hope you are feeling better and that the insomnia passed and now you are able to rest. I want to share a little bit from my past experiences with headaches and insomnia. Usually when I have them, I ask my Husband to read for me a special prayer for headaches and sleepless nights. In Romanian Orthodox Church, the priests have this prayer in their prayer books. Before meeting my husband and before he was ordained I was asking my Spiritual Father to read this prayer for me. If I was ill a long time or the headaches and insomnia were due to stress - work,and other things that take up our lives without paying attention I was going to my Spiritual Father for a confession and usually he was coming afterwards to our house to do House Blessing Service and he was saying special prayers for illness if one of us was ill. Another thing that I used to do back home was to participate at the Holly Unction Service or I was asking somebody who attended the service to give me a little bit of Holly Oil and I was rubbing a little bit of the Holly Oil on my temples.
I hope you'll be better soon. May God Bless you both. All my best wishes, Pres. Roxana

elizabeth said...

Thanks A and M. :)


Dear Pres. Roxana, thank you so much for your comment - so nice to meet you here! This is very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this; you have been given a real treasure in these things; I will keep it all in mind and have read your comment to my beloved Mr. Husband as well. Would love to hear from you again! :) if you ever want to email, here's my blog email:

roosjeblog @ yahoo. ca

Thanks again! I found your comment encouraging and helpful! :)