Monday, November 05, 2012

Survived Hurricane Sandy - a week later

Thank God.
Mr. Husband and I are doing well.
Our garage did flood
but we think the car will be okay.
As you can see from these pictures,
our town and street did flood,
much more than anyone

Our flowering plant bloomed again
in the midst of this time;
the first time was on the
Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God
and Mr. Husband and I both felt the flower
was to encourage us...

Having never lived through this sort of thing before,
I feel like I am still recovering from a minor
Our town was one of the hardest hit.
Many still do not have power
a week later
and it is getting cold.
Our power went on after 2.5 days
and it was getting cold.
Heat and light never seemed so good.

Most or all of the basements on our street
the highest in town
were flooded completely.
Ground floors were flooded
a foot or more.

The first morning and day after
were windy and cold.
I went out side for a bit
and talked to a few people;
there was very little dry pavement then...
We were all exhausted from sleeping poorly...
most of the cars were flooded and
the car alarms were shorting and honking
all night.
It was very eerie and seeing the water rising below
us at 10 at night was scary.

Mr. Husband and I were
with many others
in a mad rush to get anything in the garage out
No one expected it;
were were not in a flood zone normally;
late that afternoon we heard police urging everyone in a ground floor
apartment to evacuate;
Mr. Husband and I had just finished another chapter of
the Hobbit
which I got for him at Pascha time
when I looked out the window
and saw water on the street.
Storm serge was not a word
I had heard before this past week.
We went down to the garage and
the water was just coming up the drains.
Smelly sewage water.
We all worked like crazy;
the water was soon covering the floor and rising....

The whole town came together
parents watching the other's kids
so cleanup could begin;
tons of kids toys, books, furniture,
everything, thrown out on the curb
by the flood waters and the
Our building smelled of sewage when we opened our door
and it was so cold and the hallways
windowless and dark.

Across the way
this garage flooded the next morning
after the firemen had to open it
as the smell of gas was in the building.
Cars flooded, destroyed.

We were at one of the highest parts
so tons of people came
driving cars to our street in hopes of saving them.
A day or so later I texted Mat. Anna
as Mr. Husband and I walked in cold
down a street together
looking for batteries,
power to charge up our phones and food.
Not being able to communicate with people to let them
know that we were okay
was really hard and I knew
many were worried and were praying.
Mat. Anna graciously (thank you again!!!) did a blog post
on her blog to let others know that we
were okay...
The following nights were
hard to sleep as generators were going all night
loudly, to pump out water from
neighbour's basements...
I have more pictures, more stories, and
a lot of beautiful and good things to share about this time
as well as the hardness of it.
Mr. Husband and I went by a donation centre where
food, blankets, baby supplies were being given out.
Many people there,
just hoping to get what they need.
Many have lost everything,
many are still without power and are sleeping
under piles of blankets,
cold and tired.
I hope I never take the blessings of heat and light
so for granted again...


Maria said...

I didn't realize how much I look forward to a few words from you each day until you were quiet for a stretch. Glad you and Mr. Husband made it through OK, and glad to see you back online. I hope things get back to normal soon.

Athanasia said...

Elizabeth, I am so sorry that you had to experience something so traumatic your first few months in the US. Thanks GOD you were with your husband! I hope it never happens toyou again. We here, in southern NJ, in our neighborhood were spared any damage. We never lost power through the storm. Sadly, so many have lost more than power. May God restore them.

Take care.

Matushka Anna said...

It turned out to be so providential that I sent you my phone number right before I left on retreat so you could contact me if needed. Thank God.

I'm glad you're doing ok and I'm sorry to hear of all of the destruction. May God have mercy.

E Helena E said...

It was so very good to hear from you and now to read this account. Prayers for all those waiting and suffering.

Dasha D. said...

Oh, I was worried and now I'm glad to know that you are well! Thank God!

Cristina said...

We were worried, Elizabeth! Thank God you are both all right! Thank God for all things!

Nicole said...

Thank God you are ok! I was wondering how you fared. If the nights get too cold, we have heat and an extra bedroom over here in Eastern PA. :)

mamajuliana said...

SO glad to hear from you! I am happy that you are well. Prayers for all those recovering from the destruction.

Donna Witek said...

Thank God all is well now with you and Mr. Husband. And as someone else said, thank God as well that you were together. Missed you here in the interwebs :)