Thursday, November 15, 2012


Sunny and cold this morning
(above freezing but a bit cold)
which is my Favourite!
I went swimming!!
I did.
Yes and just doing something new
and something good
felt great.
And it is going to help me get to know things...
My next step is to research the local school
that I went swimming at to see
if they have any classes or something
I can be involved in
while I continue to get my bearings...
I am not planning on looking for full time work
for various reasons that Mr. Husband
and I discussed
but I may look for part time work
in the new year.
We have a lot of other commitments and
involvements that
we are still working on that
full time work
for me would work against
instead of for.
I am re-reading the L'Engle book and am going to do
a bit more this morning.
Next thing this afternoon
is going to the City.
With my camera;
hope to share pictures later.
Including another one of Cleo :)

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