Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Day in November

Please keep praying for Noah.
He is really struggling
and needs our prayers...
I am going into NYC tomorrow.
I sometimes love
and sometimes am overwhelmed
by the City.
I am feeling a renewed hopefulness
and know in time that
this will all be
as they say
old hat
and I will be at home.
Or at least more at home...
one can alway hope...
After all,
the books I read about NYC always
spoke somehow of home to me
so there is hope to be had.
Wish me luck or whatever you
want to say the Orthodox equivalent is
and say a prayer
as I am also determined to go to
try out that pool
and begin to make a routine for myself...
One step at a time...
Oh, and can I mention that
Mr. Husband and I just finished reading
the Hobbit.
And that I am really very glad
to be married to Mr. Husband?
I may be in a lot of transition but it is worth it all
to be with the man I married.
Life has many challenges
but God is with us
He will not abandon us.
He is gentle, patient and kind
and is with us
waiting for us,
for our prayers
for our repentance
for us to turn to Him for help
comfort, solace and protection.
Oh for us to remember our Lord's
love for us...

1 comment:

Michelle M. said...

I'm so happy for you that marriage is such a blessing to you!

Enjoy the city. I lived about 40 miles from it my entire life (until marriage) and only made it there a few times a year, sometimes less. It should be beautiful now as everything is being set up for Christmas. :)