Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Prayers for those we love

Please continue to pray for Maureen
who hopes to fly out today
to see her father who
is in his last days of life.
Please pray for Maureen, her father,
mother and siblings.
Lord have mercy!
Most Holy Theotokos bring protection
and comfort!
Please also pray for my dear blog friend Anna
who is in England
and whose blog I have enjoyed over the years
and who I met in Ottawa a few summers ago...
her part of England is flooding,
she has had to evacuate house, she and
her cat Tango.
This is very stressful as she and many others
do not know the state of their houses today
and how much water they may be standing in.
After living through what is now called
Superstorm Sandy
I know how stressful this is for Anna and
all those who are experiencing flooding.
I've been back home since Monday from
our travels and
I have come down with
quite the head cold.
So some things,
like getting
into a routine with swimming,
will have to wait...
But at least I can pray and light candles for
those in need...
My illness is smaller in scale than
losing one's father
or having one's house flood
but prayers for a good recovery for me
are also welcomed...
Thanking God that His goodness never fails
and that He is our Protection and
Refuge during life's storms and

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