Sunday, November 18, 2012

Question - Jesus Prayer Song in Russian...

My Matuska in Ottawa is
working on our second musical CD
by our church.
She is looking for the composer of this song for the CD.
She does not know who composed this song
or where it orginated from;
if you
or someone you know
can find out or knows the composer,
please comment or contact me at
roosjeblog @ yahoo . ca
She is hoping to include this song on the CD...
it is on a CD that the Belarusian nuns
St. Elisabeth Convent
and the nuns at St. Paisius monastery
have included on one of their CDs.
Both monasteries have been contacted and
neither monastery knows who the composer is.
If you know, please contact me
as they would like to include the song on their new CD
(that is nearing completion!)
and they wish to honour copyright...


DebD said...

I know someone who might know. We sing this every week at liturgy with +Jonah.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Deb - that would be really great - have emailed you :)

Maria said...

Maybe you already know this -- the words are the words of the Jesus Prayer -- Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. (Repeated over and over.) That may be why it is so hard to find the composer -- they're just chanting the Jesus Prayer over and over to a certain melody.

elizabeth said...

Hi Maria, Yes, I know this; thanks...