Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Other Accomplisments - icons and stores and prayer request

By waning daylight and then flashlight
I got my icon corner in the bedroom up!

It's almost done...

It is such a comfort for me to see
my familar icons...
I of course still miss my beloved Ottawa and
having the icons up,
many of which I got while I was in Ottawa
the last seven years...

I made a special area for St. Nectarios and others for
special prayer requests...

Many of my icons are either
from my church,
from my two monasteries
Holy Dormition in MI and
The Mother of God the Consoler
in Quebec
and this is also a great comfort.

Once the power was back on
I wasted no time in making apple crisp.
Mr. Husband helped with the apples...
We were blessed to even find some ice cream
on Sunday...

I got my icons up in the kitchen.

Finally I have the icon of the Mother of God
in a proper place in my kitchen...
This post from my beautiful Ottawa apartment
of one year of my life a few years ago
shows the icon well...

We are seeing lots of reconstruction and cleaning
vans and trucks...
Yesterday drywall from downstairs was being knocked out
cleaning has already been done by professionals in
our garage, getting ride of the smells and contamination...

This is what our local store on Sunday looked like. 
I've heard that a bigger store a bit from here
was underwater...
Another storm is in the forecast for tomorrow.
We do ask your prayers.

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