Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thursday Already!

I am loving my new table cloth...:)
As you can see,
my computer station still shares the dining room table...

We got a few inches of snow - two or three.
Sadly it's mostly gone now.

But happily it was a sunny blue skied day!
I really do not understand these trees
how can they still be green?

These trees seem much more seasonably appropriate...

I love seeing this church...
seeing the Cross is always a strengthening sight...

The hydro trucks were out
everywhere today.
I talked with some of the workers
and they showed me all the
dozens of power meters
that they had to replace
because they had been flooded...
Many have power in my town now
but the overall area still has thousands
without power...
I made a simple meat sauce with a premade
tomato sauce and whole wheat spaghetti;
made great cheddar and garlic muffins...
I really enjoyed them...
Mr. Husband really wants me to learn
to make bread...
I am thinking of looking into a book
that Willfulmina uses...
Thanks to my friends who have taught me
over the years and recently
spaghetti and muffin making... :)
I still get the FB posts from Noah's Mom Kate
and Noah really needs our continued prayers-
he is fighting infections that are
becoming immune to many antibiotics...
So thankful we can pray for others.
I and Mr. Husband are both so grateful that
we have been safe through the hurricane
and continue to have power--heat, light and Internet...
I was telling my sister-friend about
a mother in the hurricane who lost her two babies
two and four years old
out of her very arms...
and how others lost everything,
homes burnt to the ground...
I think Haiti got hit pretty badly as well...
It's hard to understand how bad it is in some places
even near by
when our own place fared so well...
I was going to make my first trip to the local library today
but it was closed due to hurricane damage...
So I read at home;
more of St. Augustine's biography and
another novel that I am re-reading by
Madeleine L'Engle...
I seem to really be wanting to read fiction again
first time in quite a while.
This past while has been so intense
with the hurricane and then uncertainty of the
nor'easter and everything being out of sorts here
buses, trains, subways...
Mr. Husband is finding new ways home from work...
I am so thankful for my blog...
and all of you...
really helps me in the navigation
of my new life and world...
Things like making the bed,
keeping the kitchen clean,
reading novels
are all helping
me in this time...
I am aware that
we are very blessed.


Michelle M. said...

I'm glad to hear you fared the nor-easter. I called my parents yesterday and they still haven't called back. Hopefully, they are fine.

I go through periods of time where I enjoy reading fiction and then I'll switch back to non-fiction. I've found that right before I've had my babies, I have gone through a stint where all I wanted to read was fiction (I read thought The Chronicles of Naria, all the Harry Potter Book, The Little House Series, etc in the weeks before I had my babies). Enjoy your peaceful, quiet time!

margaret said...

I like the look of your area. It's very American to me :)