Thursday, November 15, 2012

A very full day

Many years ago I was at a women's house
who had a small day calendar like the
one above in her bathroom;
I remember it being all wrinkled
and now
years later
I have one too.
This verse spoke volumes to where I am right now
and what I need to do, keep doing and remember to do...
which is why swimming seemed so
important to me;
being replanted in a new place takes a lot of time...
baby steps, baby steps...

Cleo as I knew she would
loves her new window sill.
I am pleased.

So I went to NYC.
Before I got there,
I saw this light being fixed;
one does not realize how big they are!

This picture seemed classic to me;
girl, backpack, musical instrument
long blond hair
beautiful building.


Near to Times Square.

I did not know that New York parks
could include a carousel.
Now I do.

Sadly I did not have time to go
inside the to the library types at least
famous NYC Public Library.

Saw lots of people selling things on the street.
Ties, scarves, fruit, hot food...

This is a chain around where I was walking.
I ate there for the second time
and I really like it.

My water bottle,
being back to being a water bottle
instead of a teapot
in the midst of my move last July

I saw so many places for pizza...
often for a 99 cents a slice...

Mr. Husband and I went
on a cheesecake date
after a smaller dinner at his work.

It was very good and very filling.
It was really more than enough for
Mr. Husband and I to
have together.

Cool architecture on way back home.

My poor new hometown
we are still seeing so much wood
and such being thrown out because of the flood.
This piece looked beautiful, old and classic.
So sorry to see the losses that
are still being mutely testified to
by the amount of things on sidewalks.
A wonderful women from my new parish
gave me starter to make a
sour dough bread.
I restarted the starter tonight
and hope to make my first loaf of bread tomorrow!
All in all,
this was a very full day.
A good day.
Trying to work on routines,
build my new life
little by little
and try new things.
Mr. Husband and I are gearing up for the
Nativity Fast
that starts a bit after
American Thanksgiving
(old calendar)
and so we had our last cheesecake date,
are having our last meat meals
and picking out something to read together
for the Nativity Fast
as we are done with
the illustrious Hobbit.
I would LOVE to hear about your Nativity Fast
and Nativity preparations...
what do you do special this time of year?
any particular food, reading?


Victoria said...

Those are wonderful photos.
My thoughts are with you as you settle into your brand new life. Glad cleo is settling in. animals are so incredibly adaptive, aren't they?

Oh, and I'm super jealous of your new york wanderings. I've never been. :)

Emily H. said...

Very nice pictures! How neat that you have something new to explore and end it all sharing a cheesecake!