Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Mr. Husband and I's walk when we found great pasta

So much lost.
Everyone was out
walking around and very friendly. 

So many people lost so much;
Mr. Husband and I were so blessed
in this regard...

We saw more of our town than we had before;
some really beautiful architecture.

It was so good to see some sunshine...

I found this sign to be so understated
that it was almost bizarre;
indeed I found it amusing as we walked along
hungry near lunch time...
We found this great place for Pasta
and we ate a take-out bowl of spagetti and meatballs
as I did my first FB status update
saying that we had made it through...

People really rallied together to provide for others.

Mr. Husband and I both talked about it
how everyone was friendly
in a town where most people do not give
eye contact, rush around listening to ipods or
talking on their cell phones...

We both found this building to be
very beautiful...
Here was the truck where they were giving
out free batteries;
it was a blessing to many people...
Lots of free food and other things were given out,
we saw lots of Red Cross towels...

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Michelle M. said...

It is wonderful to see how people pulled together to help each other.