Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday Morning - old and new calendar...

Today new calendar is St. Nektarios' day.
He is a wonderful Saint and one
that is loved by many.
If you have not read this book on him
St. Nektarios: The Saint of our Century
and you either have it or can get it
read it!
It is a wonderful consoling book...
St. Nektarios' day will be
old calendar
on American Thanksgiving this year.
Mr. Husband and I will have our
first Thanksgiving on his day,
which is pretty special indeed...
Here's a great post with lots of information
about St. Nektarios...
My Ottawa church is doing a service for him
for healing again this year
and how I will miss this.
But I know that God will have His way
especially when we let him
and I know that I am to be with
my beloved Mr. Husband...
Read a great quote this morning
from one of my dear Ottawa friends:
He said to me, “Be simple and guileless, and you will be as the children who know not the wickedness that ruins the life of men. First, then, speak evil of no one, nor listen with pleasure to any one who speaks evil of another. But if you listen, you will partake of the sin of him who speaks evil, if you believe the slander which you hear; 154 for believing it, you will also have something to say against your brother. Thus, then, will you be guilty of the sin of him who slanders. For slander is evil 155 and an unsteady demon. It never abides in peace, but always remains in discord. Keep yourself from it, and you will always be at peace with all.
- the Pastor of Hermas found here
Something that I am learning in my years of being
Orthodox is what will bring and what will
take away one's peace.
It seems that a lot of life hinges on this understanding.
And it is a battle that involves our thoughts,
our will, our understanding/discernment of thoughts
and that a good spiritual father/confessor can
aid in this process.
I have been thinking on this theme again lately,
and am going to try to write up a blog post
more about it.
it is a sunny morning and I am going to clean up
my kitchen and get to work on things...
Wishing you all a peace-filled day!

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