Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And so the fast begins

I was reading
about Saints for the day
and realized I had forgotten to put up my
St. Gregory of Palmas icon for his day.
I am enjoying reading
the prologue
and more about St. Gregory today.
Today was a pretty good day,
As often happens after a bit of travel,
I am not feeling fully well on the physical level.
Did not even want to eat my last
meat dish meal before the fast!
Mr. Husband valiantly ate my portion
while I dined on oatmeal with honey and raisins.
Which I quite enjoyed actually. :)
So the fast is here now.
I am re-reading Fr. Thomas Hopko's
Winter Pascha
and trying to keep up on my
Prologue of Ochrid
reading as well...
Mr. Husband and I got our
wedding video this week
and I am enjoying it in snatches.
I totally cried at the beginning
hearing the song
vesture of gold
and remembering how I waited so long
for the day that I would appear
as the Bride
with her father waiting for her groom.
Of course I miss my Ottawa parish
a lot but am excited
DV to visit in the new year...
I am also making
at long last
our photobooks from the wedding pictures.
And I put up our wedding crowns above the bed!
A picture of the crowns in their new
locale DV awaits!
And I put up Christmas lights!
Around here they seem to call them
twinkle lights.
You don't want to know Mr. Husband's newly
minted rendition of
twinkle twinkle little star...
let's just say we laugh a lot around these parts...
I hope to take pictures tomorrow of
the Christmas icons
and decorations
that I am slowly putting up.
I am DV really excited to have
my first Christmas with Mr. Husband...


Victoria said...

look at all the sunshine in your photos! is it supercold though? how is the neighbourhood doing post-storm? you getting to the pool much?

Martha said...

yes, in preparation, yesterday, I bought a bag of organic apples, and mushrooms and onions, which I think I'll cook together and serve with pasta today.
♥ may you have a peaceful Nativity fast!!!

Matushka Anna said...

Have a good fast!

I love looking at photos of people's icon corners and saying, "Hey! That's just like MY book! (or icon)"